Andromeda Star

One day 15-year-old J.Js life is changed when a cat named Julian (who claims he used to be human) arrives and asks for her help finding a new generation of girls to take up the mantle of Star Warriors! Together they will fight the evil Revenants and compete with the Magical Boy team the Galaxy Knights!

J.J transforms into the Star Warrior Andromeda! But there’s a problem, there has never been an Andromeda in the previous generations of Star Warriors! Why has a new warrior appeared now?

Find out in:

Andromeda Star
Andromeda Star

The Art Gremlin
Hi, I'm Norm, a weak flesh suit attempting to draw as much as it can before it succumbs to the inevitable sweet release of death. Welcome to the thing that has consumed my waking hours for the past eight years.
Be enchanted by the sparkles and magical girls! Laugh at the outdated references and anime jokes!
Sob when characters start dying!
Pfft... nah I wouldn't do that...

Or would I?

And below are my art monkeys who I've trained to help me make this sparkly magnum opus.

Andromeda Star

Color, background artist, and part-time inker (when Norm's hand is broken).

Andromeda Star

Alternate colorist for when everyone's hands are broken.

Andromeda Star

Internet Guard Dog. Handles webtoon updates, proofreading, and emails.